Monday, August 23, 2010

Strike the iron when its still hot...

Not exactly what it normally means, but if Lvpl were to beat ManCity, perhaps this is the best time, when they are still hot, read when they not hardened yet.

ManCity is still looking for the winning formula and they are still disintegrated, huge gaps in between the players, their pace is still very much like Italians, their moving vectors are still random and Mancini still cant pinpoint the best combination. Beating them tomorrow morning will set Lvpl on the right course towards the league cup.

Just pray for Reyna's focus and stability since I dont think Hodgson going to field Cavalieri. Kuyt can replace Joe Cole and hopefully Torres is match fit.

Tight marking of Tevez is a must, read dont let him strike the ball at all! Cause he can hit the net from 30 meters away with a free shot at goal. Defenders must be decisive read, go for the ball immediately. Dont follow their twist and turn! Like wise 90% winning confidence is at 3 goals, 2 goals would be good enough!

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