Friday, October 31, 2008

7 is enuf?

This weekend will be the finale week for F1 circus and most of people is looking at the duel between Hamilton and Massa. Both drivers are quick, and have their own strength. Hamilton will enter the race with 7 points lead and Massa with his home ground advantage. To add some 'fairy-tale' story, Raikonen (who was in the same spot as Massa's) was crowned as the champion after he won the race while Hamilton fumbled - may be due to pressure or immaturity.

Will Hamilton fumble again this year? I personally don't think so. He'll win the championship this year. No doubt, I love to see the under-dog to come out as the winner, upset, frustration. But, again this is a real world, and in real world, most of the time, the norm prevails. Apart from that, there are also 'miracles' but its meaning tells everything.

Good luck to both drivers and I'm looking forward for a great race in Sao Paulo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biar lambat asal dapat - aku ingat Karam Singh Walia je pandai berkata2 ni...

Dear All
My best wishes to all on this Diwali celebrations. Hope this finds all
How did the Staroba 208 go ? I am sure it was a blast!! Judging from
all the pre-event activity. I could not make it. Was busy and still am
as getting married soon. Biar lambat asal dapat!! modify sikit le..
I tried to look for pictures on the group site tapi don't have...
No uploads ?
Guys, I am getting married on the 1st NOv.. Port Dickson. Tg Tuan
Regency. I know a litle late... but biar lambat asal... It is at 8.30
in the morning. It would nice to see you if you are free... otherwise I
would definitely be little more free after.. Would be nice to meet when
I am down in Klang Valley next time around...

My warmest regards and wishes


Monday, October 27, 2008

Record is breakable and to be broken...

There it goes Chelsea's 86 unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge. Based on my humble observation, both teams (Liverpool and Chelsea) played a magnificent game. It just this time, Liverpool came out as the winner. So, to Liverpool's fans, please enjoy this moment - being at the apex of the table. He he he...

Hull? I know Hull family in NHL - Bobby Hull, Brett Hull. Father and son duo who amazed people with their scoring and offensive instinct. But Hull City? Never come across my memory until they beat Arsenal a couple weeks ago. They are under dog but they play like a champion. So, be it's fan while they are flying. He he he...

Another surprise - Amr Zaki who plays for Wigan and is currently the top goal scorer in EPL. Man, if he does very well with a small team, imagine what he can do when he is with big boys. But, it can turn the other way around too. When a team is filled with all stars then most of the time every player wants show off what he has. Unfortunately, those actions typically wont get translated to good result.

Anyway, EPL 2008/2009 season is still young and it is interesting. At least for now, I'm looking at who is going to knock off Liverpool from the top of the table. Well, record is breakable and it is to be broken...

Monday, October 20, 2008

All events on 25/10/08 @ Yusri's residence are CANCELLED...

Please take note of that. There goes my bet...

Speaking of hosting events, I personally think it is better to hold them at 'neutral' zones. We certainly very delighted to have them at our peer's homes simply because our families can get together. But, I think it puts burden to the host - to prepare food, to tidy up or clean house, to put on 'tudung' etc.

So, I feel more comfortable to have those events at 'mamak', restaurant, etc. No preparation needed. Just drop by, get some drinks, foods, words, soccer, etc. then buzz off. Easy...

Here is his email.

Dear friends,
Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Majlis Tahlil cum Sambutan Hari Raya yang dijadualkan Sabru ni (25-Oct-08) terpaksa ditunda ke suatu tarikh lain atas sebab-sebab yg tidak dapat dielakkan i.e. anak-anak sekolah + appointment doktor dll.
InsyaAllah, kita tangguhkan Majlis Tahlil buat sementara ni tapi rumah saya tetap "hari-hari terbuka" kecuali hari Sabtu ni...
So, datanglah... call je..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Germanium Power

Assalamualaikum friends,

Nak promote aku punya products sikit. Actually aku baru dapat sole importer rights untuk import Germanium Power products dari Japan for Malaysia and Singapore.

So kepada kawan2 yang berminat untuk tahu lebih lanjut lagi tentang produk Germanium power ni, semua dijemput ke,

Semoga ada keberkatan daripadanya.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu...

Exactly 10 years ago...

I've been waiting this date 17/10. Our first mega reunion was on 17/10/98.
Jadi, mari lah kita ramai2 pi rumah Yus (kalau ada kelapangan lah...) pada 25/10 ni.

Standing (L->R) Atuk,WIK, Pendekar, Poji PP, Zul, Mat, Zal, Mokhtar, Jay, Zoobear, Othman, Amar, Wan, (x ingat), Shuk.
Kneeling (L->R) Ismith, SK, Stone, Ghajo, Jebat, Rudi, Abu, Zamil, Bob R, Khuari

Monday, October 13, 2008

High Tea Hari Raya Gathering + Tahlil

This is Yusri Yusuf's original email. Jadi ke tak jadi, tu tak boleh nak kata lah. Knowing Yusri, I can safely put my bet on him.


So, tentatively kita plan for:

High Tea Hari Raya : Sabtu, 25 Okt 2008

Masa: 3.00 petang

Tempat: Rumah Yusri

Alamat: No. 32, Jalan Putra Indah 9/23, Putra Heights, 47650 Subang Jaya.

Contact no.: 03-51921910; 012-2090770; 019-2704471

Program: Tahlil --> sembang & makan-makan

Makan akan disediakan oleh tuan rumah... no problem. Kalau nak tambah pun ok. Jemput seluruh keluarga - program anak-anak disediakan.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today, I got this SMS from Zul.

A'kum. Salam Aidil Fitri. dJemput hadir sklrga ke Mjls H/Raya STAROBA & pelancaran SAT11/10 @DEWAN RISDA Jln Ampang 11-2pm. Wslm/anoiar HEBAH2KAN

I thot the website is there all this while but of course with very2 outdated contents/materials.

Perhaps this is a 'relaunching' of the site. I pray it to become better and whoever does it really knows how to rejuvenate and make it vibrant. Good luck.

BTW, is there any difference between Old Boys Association vs Alumni?