Friday, May 21, 2010

You need a crisis to make money you know...

Statistically speaking crisis only happens when the stock market is on the high. Dont believe me? 97 financial crisis happened when SEA stocks were hitting the roof.
Subprime happened when DJ was at dizzying height of 14000m from sea level...And this so called EU fiasco happened when DJ has just rebounded from altimeter of 6000++m to 11,000m++.

I wonder why crisis has never happened when economy is at the low? Ok perhaps they could have happened when the economy was not so good...but the timing was so perfect that made me think that this so called crisis was perfectly timed! Then who will benefit from all of these nonsense?

I bet these people who had missed the boat, when the DJ was at 6000++ last years March are pulling it down so that they can participate. Because this time the rally will be higher than the last time, perhaps up to 16~17000meter range in 2017~2018. So they must participate, else they will miss the boat.

You really need a crisis to make money...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

The bigger, the stronger...really?

Some time ago when the idea of a united currency for Europe was mooted out, I smelt something fishy about this whole scheme. The idea was about creating a stronger currency to fend off speculators from abusing the economy of European countries. By having a united currency, a central bank with huge reserves and advanced control mechanism would be able to face off with any manipulator dreaming of big bucks by wrecking havoc the economy.

Systemically, learning from the aftermaths of '97 economic crisis, apples of the same basket tend to get the same treatment once an apple found to be rotten. Regardless of how sound the fundamentals of the country are. This is the fact that was overlooked by Euro countries when they decided to join the union. And the epidemic spread faster, wider and deeper than H1N1 or even the amorous HIV!

I still dont think that having a single currency is the trick to fend off abuse. Actually that was a systematic and economic way of making bigger bucks as well as power. Why do you think UK prefer to keep Sterling rather than Euro? Perhaps because they believe in their own strength, or perhaps most of the speculators are in London...or their strong allies...But pity Germany, a strong economy being sucked into the turmoil for no reason, and being held ransom by it!

The trick is simple, of course to make money, you have to sacrifice a small amount of economic value to gain more, then Iceland was a good target.By the time they finished with Iceland, other countries are already shivering, it's like a finger is already on a domino, ready to push it down. Iceland is an easy target as people like Soros doesnt has to leverage to get the job done. He can do it with his pocket money. Then it snowballed into something bigger, Greece will be perfect. Then with bigger capital you have ammunitions enough to strike a bigger economy, perhaps Portugal. Now it is all set to strike bigger economies.

Now you see, Europe and US is already in their hands. Imagine if they were no Euro...Even if they strucked Iceland, other countries can continue business as usual. Why Germany should be panicked if Iceland, Greece & Portugal got hit financially? No reason right!!!

How did they do it?
1) Support idiots to run for power, ensure they become the PM or president
2) Promote the idea an Economic Union as a strategy to strengthen the countries in critical fields like economy etc. Since the PMs are idiots they buy the idea, without questioning...
3) Get our guy to be the Union's Finance Minister to ensure the scam will go smoothly
4) Demonstrate some benefits of the Union at the beginning of the union - let the currency go up for an instance, demo some strength
5) Start selling the credit, of course in the name of development to these idiot ministers. Of course idiots dont review the agreements, their responsibility is just to sign them.
6) Kick start the turmoil on the easiest target
7) Now we own them
8) Kick start the turmoil on a bigger target
9) Now we own them
10)Keep repeating 8 & 9 until everything is yours;-)

Now they can drive these 2 markets to wherever they want to go, north or south, they are on the wheels. So there really was a rot fish when they mooted the idea. But nevertheless, Islamic finance will be more preferrable in the rebuilding. Just dont miss the chance...