Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lucky this time...

With City gaining pace with Milner's urgency and Tevez working as hard and inspiring as ever, it was a little late for Liverpool to strike the iron. But bouncing back immediately with a relieving win over WBA bought some time for the YWNWAs to review what went wrong that lead to the sloppy win.

Hint no1, penetration was poor. Slowing down during a penetration is never a good option, in any manoevre! Very much like the Argentinians who usually slow down in a penetration, the symptom was clearly seen. And selling of Mascherano and perhaps Lucas would be a good idea. They just cant understand the pace required and it needs to be synchronized. This is where a tactical approach needs to be routined and synchronized so that penetration process can be executed with bursting speed.

Liverpool should learn from Nani and Ji Sung when it comes to penetration. Incision into the penalty box with lightning speed, that's what need to be done. Thats not difficult considering the kind of materials Liverpool has, Kuyt and Cole should be able to do that, just like how Kuyt did it for the goal Torres scored. Dont slow down during penetration, move forward into the penalty box and that dynamic will create a lot of space at the top of penalty box and with good finisher like Torres the chance of scoring a goal will easily be as high as 80%!

Master this trick and Liverpool will be higher up the table.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Strike the iron when its still hot...

Not exactly what it normally means, but if Lvpl were to beat ManCity, perhaps this is the best time, when they are still hot, read when they not hardened yet.

ManCity is still looking for the winning formula and they are still disintegrated, huge gaps in between the players, their pace is still very much like Italians, their moving vectors are still random and Mancini still cant pinpoint the best combination. Beating them tomorrow morning will set Lvpl on the right course towards the league cup.

Just pray for Reyna's focus and stability since I dont think Hodgson going to field Cavalieri. Kuyt can replace Joe Cole and hopefully Torres is match fit.

Tight marking of Tevez is a must, read dont let him strike the ball at all! Cause he can hit the net from 30 meters away with a free shot at goal. Defenders must be decisive read, go for the ball immediately. Dont follow their twist and turn! Like wise 90% winning confidence is at 3 goals, 2 goals would be good enough!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Seriously challenging for the league cup?

I've been complaining about Reyna, I believe this year, its already the third year, and the management still doesnt see his problem. And last night he proved it one more time for everyone to witness it themselves.

Liverpool still can fight for top place provided,
1) Torres plays 30 league games
2) Reyna will not stand between the poles, I am more confident in Cavalieri
3) Swap Mascherano for Wesley Schneider, they can bundle Reyna together with Mascherano
4) Play 2 secs build up
5) Penetration widest at penalty edge
6) 10 shots on target per match, and bouncing header is a must!

And Liverpool will be challenging for the top spot!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

ManCity still doesnt get the tempo right

Sweet shopping time is over, and now its time to deliver. And Mancini stuttered on the first day at school. What is wrong with ManCity? With all the superstars, their performance today was far from impressive, perhaps only Joe Hart was superb. Everybody else was, I wish to say "terrible". There were few occasions when the ball was stolen without any challenge, right in front of the player. Whats going on here Mancini? The game pace was wrong.

I've wrote earlier that Italian game plan wouldnt work down well in the EPL. EPL plays tight, high tempo football. There is no time for dreaming. Just stop and pass the ball, get it done in less than 2 secs. The thinking job need to be done before you get the ball. If you hold the ball for more than 3 secs, literally you have just spoilt your opportunity to penetrate the defence line.

To me Mancini is still searching for the winning formula and I dont think he is going to get it in the next few matches.

Friday, August 13, 2010

We are at par with Germany...when it comes to match analysis

I've completed my analysis samples sometime in 2009 and started delivery to my customer in Mar2010, with very much similar level of contents, so I can say that in term of match analysis, we are at par with Germany.

Read the details here.

But for that particular match, I wish to say that England lost because of the bookies. Yes the whole England was betting on England, which saw millions of reasons for the bookies to ensure that they loose. If you dont trust me, you can check out all the goals, JT was nowhere he supposed to be in all four occasions!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hate to say this...

But I think MU will be back on top of the table at the middle of May next year, or perhaps even months earlier. With their new signings Hernandez and Bebe, even without Welbeck, I dont think winning the league would be a big trouble for them. With Macheda maturing, Rooney and Berbatov, and now Hernandez ready to fill the gap, I bet MU now looks more lethal than Real or even Barcelona.

Ferguson has a very sharp sense when it comes to sensing talents. And the best thing is that he listens to his players, remember when he signed CR? And this time, the recommendation came from Quiroz, but what the heck, he only costs them 7mil pounds. I bet they can easily fetch tripple the price in 3 years time. Just like CR, Ferguson was looking for agility, decisiveness and accuracy. Hernandez got that and if I were Ferguson, if I cant get Hernandez, Soarez would be good.

Compare to Chelsea, they are still dependance of the old horses. If Carlo didnt change anything last season, I can understand that. Why change anything when its not broken? But not this year. This year obviously their paces have deteriorated. Look at JT, tailing forwards until the ball goes into the net. Carvalho is gone to Real, Ashley is next. I dont think Chelsea will finish 2nd this season. And the worst part is that, Cech will not be playing for some time at the beginning of the season, what a good news!

Liverpool has a huge problem with the finishing. Their best hitman can only play 15 games a season and their second best just cant hit the ball straight at goal! And that is a hell of a biiiiiiiiiiiig problem! They can create chances but, there is nobody to slot the ball in. Their defends look promising with Kelly and Pacheco as well as the Brazillian goalie, unless they can solve the scoring issue, they will not be anywhere around 2nd place.

ManCity looks like a team called The Rest of World (playing against World 11). I bet Mancini is having a jolly good time shopping with the Sheik's wealth. Wait until the season starts, then only will he be sweating screaming for results. The team looks promising but Mancini will be making a big mistake if he keeps the Italian game plan for the championship. English league play a very hight tempo football, tight marking and a very long and arduous season. And ManCity needs a safe pair of hands, as safe as Cech's to fight for 2nd place.

Comparing Arsenal to Tottenham, their forwards can do better than Tottie but Fabianski is still not ready for the lead role, even Schwarzer. Gomes is much better than both of them. If the Gunners are serious about challenging MU this season, then they have to find a safer hands to save their challenge.

My call, MU will top the table, with a big gap!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We need the Sultan more...

Based on the outcome of the FAM election, I wish to conclude that we need the Sultan more than he needs football. I wonder why the Queen of England is not on the board of EPL or to be precise at the helm of EPL?

It's the people's mentality that need changes not the sultan's. People love to put the sultan at the helm so that their work will be easy as letters bearing his royal highness signature will never be turned down by any prospective sponsor. But is this good for football? Is this easy money good and can be a lever to raise the standard of the game? Hell no! Why do you need to raise the game when regardless of whether the league's standard is good or bad, the sultan will still get us the money, and he has never failed to do that for the last soooooo many years.

Back to the question of why the Queen is not on board of EPL? Why is the queen not busy finding money for the EPL? The same with the King of Spain, why is he not busy finding money for La Liga? I bet if you ask Her Majesty that question, you are going to get this kind of answer, "Why in the world should I be doing that!". I think the King of Spain also will be giving the same kind of answer.

We have to create a reason for each team to raise their game, else, they will be asking themselves, "why should we raise the game?". The mechanism is easy, raise your game and you will make money. I bet MSL can sell TV rights even to Indonesia, Thailand, China, India channels etc. If the game quality is excellent, everybody would be dying to watch MSL matches.

But the first step, please stop getting easy money. Raise your game for the money!