Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Bola oh bola...

When we look back at the outcome of the Suzuki Cup, saying our team did badly was an over statement. Definitely Sathia doesnt has the capability to take us anywhere, but I can say, the team was as good as Vietnam, the Champion!

But just like England, same group of players cant qualify for the Euro as well as leading the table for The World Cup qualification, only with a different manager. Therefor the managers performances' must be of significant different. Of course only when both are in the opposite poles.

I thought when Khairy moves in, with truck loads of money, with fiber optic-capacity cables with the business world, he is going for the world. But with a coach like Sathia, with the same management team under feudal lords influence and management is still based on feeling, while others are moving forward, definitely they are moving in a roundabout!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Friday Shopping...

Friday prayer is really an opportunity to market. With 5000 capacity mosque, on a sunny day, you really can make a living there. The Imam shook me with the 160 heads/saf statement. Yea, everybody is getting the facts at their finger tips nowadays. I've gave the marketing idea some thought then, but later, let it be done by the dealers I concluded...

But at todays convention, I saw one interesting salesman waiting at the gate. First he was Chinese, but ultimately it was because he was selling "Rocket", not the firecracker, but the "lidah rasmi DAP". Either he has got tonnes of testosterones (you know, the manly hormone) to sell that idiot newspaper to the muslims or he must have been living in a cave until this morning, right before they handed him the waste bundle.Another possibility is that, he might have lost the "Batsu Game" and have to do whatever the winner (must be Karpal then) says!Whatever it was, he really had the guts...

I wanted to have a chat with him, but I fear they might have a camera hidden somewhere in the bushes nearby, who knows may be somebody was just playing a prank!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Superiority complex...

Looking at what is happening to the US economy nowadays, made me wonder, whether we really should send our students to study economy, business or finance there. Or whether whatever theories that they had proven are really practiceable. With the biggest Ponzi scheme on earth has just been uncanned and the interest rate is almost zero, one more billion dollars bad news, can push them off the cliff, for good! They already raised 850bil for rescuing the banks and no more rate cuts can be expected, looks like they are cornering themselves this time and nobody knows what kind of mess that they are going to uncan next.

They still cant imagine the magnitude of losses from the sub prime derivatives, auto makers failure, housing market collapse, Ponzi failure, oil price trading losses etc. Recovery is not going to be
soon. DJ could rebound but, everybody knows the economy has collapsed, who would be buying the idea? Another bubble? Perhaps in 4 years time, I believe...

Btw, out of all the thing, he only threw his shoes???

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mati Semut Kerana Gula...

What an observation by our old folks, but in these modern days, we also can say, "Mati manusia pun kerana gula". The observation that they had missed then and still miss even now. Believe it or not, the most common death factors like stroke or even high blood pressure can be linked back to sugar intake, needless to say about diabetes.

The lesser ones like fever, allergies, sinuscitis etc. also have sugar traces in them. The problem with sugar is that it will weaken the defence system just like what Aids virus is doing, but at a lesser damage. And we are enjoying it at a controlled price! They should have learned about moral hazard.

In other culture, a tea totally without any sugar is something common. But here, 2 tablespoons for a glass is considered not sweet enough. Forget about "Teh Tarik" with 2 inches thick of condensed milk, my man, that is suicide. Please take it literally, I really mean it!

Friends, cut down sugar intake for a better life! Stop enriching the doctors for no reason.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

OBAMA, going back to square one, so fast?

Liberals are growing increasingly nervous – and some just flat-out angry – that President-elect Barack Obama seems to be stiffing them on Cabinet jobs and policy choices.

Obama has reversed pledges to immediately repeal tax cuts for the wealthy and take on Big Oil. He’s hedged his call for a quick drawdown in Iraq. And he’s stocking his White House with anything but stalwarts of the left.

read more at http://news.yahoo.com/s/politico/20081208/pl_politico/16292

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Confucius said...

Confucius said, "Give a man a fish, he will eat for a day, teach him how to fish, and he will not be hungry forever".

Mat said, "Teach a man to sell fish, he can make a fortune, teach him how to create & unlock fish value, and he can make it faster!"


Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Financial Order

As we are living the aftermaths of the Sub Prime Crisis, finance authorities all over the world are searching everywhere for the wand that can resurrect the blown up phoenix. Searching they are, but find they are not, as they are still looking at the problem from the same perspective as before. To understand the solution, they need to enrich their imagination a little, as they need to dive into the new paradigm of the purpose of economic activities as well as financial activities, which later on will determine the direction of the new financial philosophy.

Greenspan admitted that free market has flaws, Soros also admitted hedge funds played a role in the collapse of the financial system. But voices against these two wizardry personalities weren't never heard off. Since the Asian Financial Crisis '97, Tun Mahathir had pointed out these problems, and yet they labelled him The Pariah! And now with bigger calamity, all they did were admit the mistakes and, somebody else will do the clean up! That was easy...

The biggest mistake was that they missed the point on the purpose of financial activities itself. With capitalism emphasizes on the rights of the investors and for the executives to maximize the return, made it look so ever narrow minded and posing the risk of destabilizing the system itself, they need to philosophically broadened the definition to cover the prosperity of every single thing that exist in the system, and make it simpler, perhaps to "Rahmatan lil alamin"!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The First Black President

The 44th (bad feng sui maa...) president of the USA is a Black, or half black to be exact, which makes a lot of different. Yea, like a non Malay to a half Malay, that's tonnes of different! Yeah he speaks black english allright, but that's all the black thing about him, everything else, is human.

It takes them more than 200 years to accept that human beings are equal, then we still have another 150 years to achieve that.

His visions and values are great, but let see whether he can manoevre himself around the lobbyist and whether he has the gut to pull the trigger.

Whatever it is, to all American on the street, thanks for this better choice!

Friday, October 31, 2008

7 is enuf?

This weekend will be the finale week for F1 circus and most of people is looking at the duel between Hamilton and Massa. Both drivers are quick, and have their own strength. Hamilton will enter the race with 7 points lead and Massa with his home ground advantage. To add some 'fairy-tale' story, Raikonen (who was in the same spot as Massa's) was crowned as the champion after he won the race while Hamilton fumbled - may be due to pressure or immaturity.

Will Hamilton fumble again this year? I personally don't think so. He'll win the championship this year. No doubt, I love to see the under-dog to come out as the winner, upset, frustration. But, again this is a real world, and in real world, most of the time, the norm prevails. Apart from that, there are also 'miracles' but its meaning tells everything.

Good luck to both drivers and I'm looking forward for a great race in Sao Paulo.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Biar lambat asal dapat - aku ingat Karam Singh Walia je pandai berkata2 ni...

Dear All
My best wishes to all on this Diwali celebrations. Hope this finds all
How did the Staroba 208 go ? I am sure it was a blast!! Judging from
all the pre-event activity. I could not make it. Was busy and still am
as getting married soon. Biar lambat asal dapat!! modify sikit le..
I tried to look for pictures on the group site tapi don't have...
No uploads ?
Guys, I am getting married on the 1st NOv.. Port Dickson. Tg Tuan
Regency. I know a litle late... but biar lambat asal... It is at 8.30
in the morning. It would nice to see you if you are free... otherwise I
would definitely be little more free after.. Would be nice to meet when
I am down in Klang Valley next time around...

My warmest regards and wishes


Monday, October 27, 2008

Record is breakable and to be broken...

There it goes Chelsea's 86 unbeaten streak at Stamford Bridge. Based on my humble observation, both teams (Liverpool and Chelsea) played a magnificent game. It just this time, Liverpool came out as the winner. So, to Liverpool's fans, please enjoy this moment - being at the apex of the table. He he he...

Hull? I know Hull family in NHL - Bobby Hull, Brett Hull. Father and son duo who amazed people with their scoring and offensive instinct. But Hull City? Never come across my memory until they beat Arsenal a couple weeks ago. They are under dog but they play like a champion. So, be it's fan while they are flying. He he he...

Another surprise - Amr Zaki who plays for Wigan and is currently the top goal scorer in EPL. Man, if he does very well with a small team, imagine what he can do when he is with big boys. But, it can turn the other way around too. When a team is filled with all stars then most of the time every player wants show off what he has. Unfortunately, those actions typically wont get translated to good result.

Anyway, EPL 2008/2009 season is still young and it is interesting. At least for now, I'm looking at who is going to knock off Liverpool from the top of the table. Well, record is breakable and it is to be broken...

Monday, October 20, 2008

All events on 25/10/08 @ Yusri's residence are CANCELLED...

Please take note of that. There goes my bet...

Speaking of hosting events, I personally think it is better to hold them at 'neutral' zones. We certainly very delighted to have them at our peer's homes simply because our families can get together. But, I think it puts burden to the host - to prepare food, to tidy up or clean house, to put on 'tudung' etc.

So, I feel more comfortable to have those events at 'mamak', restaurant, etc. No preparation needed. Just drop by, get some drinks, foods, words, soccer, etc. then buzz off. Easy...

Here is his email.

Dear friends,
Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa Majlis Tahlil cum Sambutan Hari Raya yang dijadualkan Sabru ni (25-Oct-08) terpaksa ditunda ke suatu tarikh lain atas sebab-sebab yg tidak dapat dielakkan i.e. anak-anak sekolah + appointment doktor dll.
InsyaAllah, kita tangguhkan Majlis Tahlil buat sementara ni tapi rumah saya tetap "hari-hari terbuka" kecuali hari Sabtu ni...
So, datanglah... call je..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Germanium Power

Assalamualaikum friends,

Nak promote aku punya products sikit. Actually aku baru dapat sole importer rights untuk import Germanium Power products dari Japan for Malaysia and Singapore.

So kepada kawan2 yang berminat untuk tahu lebih lanjut lagi tentang produk Germanium power ni, semua dijemput ke,


Semoga ada keberkatan daripadanya.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu...

Exactly 10 years ago...

I've been waiting this date 17/10. Our first mega reunion was on 17/10/98.
Jadi, mari lah kita ramai2 pi rumah Yus (kalau ada kelapangan lah...) pada 25/10 ni.

Standing (L->R) Atuk,WIK, Pendekar, Poji PP, Zul, Mat, Zal, Mokhtar, Jay, Zoobear, Othman, Amar, Wan, (x ingat), Shuk.
Kneeling (L->R) Ismith, SK, Stone, Ghajo, Jebat, Rudi, Abu, Zamil, Bob R, Khuari

Monday, October 13, 2008

High Tea Hari Raya Gathering + Tahlil

This is Yusri Yusuf's original email. Jadi ke tak jadi, tu tak boleh nak kata lah. Knowing Yusri, I can safely put my bet on him.


So, tentatively kita plan for:

High Tea Hari Raya : Sabtu, 25 Okt 2008

Masa: 3.00 petang

Tempat: Rumah Yusri

Alamat: No. 32, Jalan Putra Indah 9/23, Putra Heights, 47650 Subang Jaya.

Contact no.: 03-51921910; 012-2090770; 019-2704471

Program: Tahlil --> sembang & makan-makan

Makan akan disediakan oleh tuan rumah... no problem. Kalau nak tambah pun ok. Jemput seluruh keluarga - program anak-anak disediakan.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Today, I got this SMS from Zul.

A'kum. Salam Aidil Fitri. dJemput hadir sklrga ke Mjls H/Raya STAROBA & pelancaran www.staroba.org SAT11/10 @DEWAN RISDA Jln Ampang 11-2pm. Wslm/anoiar HEBAH2KAN

I thot the website is there all this while but of course with very2 outdated contents/materials.

Perhaps this is a 'relaunching' of the site. I pray it to become better and whoever does it really knows how to rejuvenate and make it vibrant. Good luck.

BTW, is there any difference between Old Boys Association vs Alumni?

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Capello, so far so good...

England fans (especially Mae) perhaps are smiling reading the caption:) However I believe they the FA has finally found the solution. They won 4-1 over Croatia even without Gerrard and Super Beck only join the game at 3-1!

All it takes to play like a champ are just courage and some strategy changes and you are on your way to South Africa.


They no longer crossing the ball from the winger, only short passes in front of the goal, before they got a good angle to whack the ball in. Capello did changed their game!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

U Turn To Old Currency Regime?

IMF has just got hold to a new huge arsenal and I think it's time to go back to the old fix currency regime, unless we can go head on with funds as huge as 3 trillion dollars belonging to a few sovereign wealth funds...


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Nearest to the Gold...

Out of all potentials, now its Chong Wei that emerged to be our closest opportunity to the Olympic Gold. Congrats! He was calm in the interviews.
And the most important thing is that he was very focus on his mission. He took it one at a time and very clear of his strategies to slay the opponent.

I believe he can beat Lin Dan this time, not due to the reward or anything else, but the fact that he is very clear of the strategies that need to be deployed in order to out perform the opponent.

All the best!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Take over season?

With the oil bull running out of steam, charts are showing strong negative correlation between oil and DJ. Financially the speculators are not just shorting oil, but also switching to equity for a better risk spread. Economically, cheap energy will help economies create value thus create enough profit to oil growth.

But to Malaysia's economy, you cant undo the damage created by the oil price hike, regardless of the Sept08 retail gasolene price down (expected) taking cue from the global crude price, consumer products prices' arent likely to follow suit. Thats the inefficiency of our economy. Free competition is still not in the dictionary. They have been "pantau"ing the situation, I think since the '80s, and yet that's all they have to say. What comes after pantau? May be "pantau part 2". They have never heard of efficient economic system that adjust itself to the benefit of the consumer.

At US$100/barrel, down by US$40, sounds cheap. But if the average is at that level for the rest of the year, then Petronas definitely will record another bumper year! Even if the yearly average stands at US$80, they will definitely spend another year in Fortune 500. At the same time, palm oil also will be at a good price, and this will still help growth.

What about a higher level of Ringgit? Seriously. Think about this scenario. When other economies are facing a slow down, due to higher energy cost, 2 of our major growth engines will be enjoying a good harvest. Oil & gas and palm oil will be having a good time. With a stronger Ringgit and other economies slowing down, perhaps many investors in the neighbourhood are more than willing to liquidate their holding and its a good time to take over. All BNM need to do is just make a very good economic forecast. Then perhaps companies like VC can start the spark and ...ride the wave babe.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Chief + the crew...


and available - ramai bujang 3...



Interest rate held!

Thanks for the decision. Now perhaps you should look into how to ease the demand congestion, like more ngv outlets...

Bravo Malaysia.

Bank Negara holds off raising rates
PETALING JAYA: Bank Negara kept the overnight policy rate unchanged yesterday despite the pressure to rein in rising prices, as policymakers placed priority on sustaining economic growth.
“While both the risks to higher inflation and the risks to slower growth have increased, the immediate concern is to avoid a fundamental economic slowdown that would involve higher unemployment,'' the central bank said in a statement issued after a scheduled monetary policy meeting.
Bank Negara was originally expected to announce the meeting's outcome at 6pm yesterday, but the announcement was delayed by nearly two hours.


Monday, July 21, 2008

OBW2008 Credit List

Assalamualaikum semua.
Kepada semua yang hadir, bak kata pepatah, yang bulat datang bergolek (jangan marah ha...) , yang pipih datang melayang, perhimpunan kali ini mengembalikan kenangan pahit manis 20 tahun lalu, 60 purnama bersama di Lorong Harimau. Tak habis kalau nak diceritakan hanya selama 2 hari bersama. Kepada kawan2 yang aku tak pernah jumpa since kita habis SPM, Nairul, Alimon, Goyang, terubat sudah rindu kami kepada engkorang semua. So kepada yang masih tak jumpa kengkawan lain after these 20 years of absence, make sure engkorang datang Reunion @40 nanti.

Ucapan terima kasih yang tak terhingga kepada contributors ($$$) terutamanya penaja utama OBW2008, ECE Bro Mahyudin (Green 86) dan COO yang hensem & macho, Long John. Sebagai tanda penghargaan kami, kami dengan besar hati akan mengekalkan iklan ECE di atas sana.
Juga tidak dilupakan sumbangan tenaga anda semua yang bermula dari bulan Nov07 lagi especially,

Jebat - registration, aku totally lepas tangan, aku nak kira duit je & the ransom negotiator! Salute you my man...

Pendekar - games , betoika yang menang Explorace tu team Satu, Dua , Tiga - bunyi macam hang tembak je...

Ustaz Zul - Tahlil, AGM - aku rasa depa ingat hang yang propose invite Ketua Bahagian PAS...

Dr Anuar Arshad -tima kaseh for the Kuliah Subuh and the motivation

Super Mokh - Emcee, hang boleh ganti RAB babe..

Jay, Nairul, Goyang & Long John -Keep the jokes flowing. Kalau tak dak cincin...

Sam Berg - nasib baik ada mini compo hang & also for the arrangement in SUK. Kalau nak beli hamper, gi beli kat Ipoh Garden, sebelah CIMBeng...

Kodiang, Ron & Wan - hey thanks for the hockey sponsorship & arrangement.

Goyang - sudah2 la dengan Venny tu...Sheri hang sms gambaq hang last year kat Goyang.

Mudin - you're the Superman mate... Total Back-up System

Pot - hey thanks for the collaboration for a ciput pay. Banyak album hang jual hari tu.

Naza - we can try again at Reunion @40 nanti...

Hijaz & prefects - yo bro thanks a lot for your support, hope engkorang enjoyed the dinner.

STAR Wind Orchestra - my man, thats the STARIANs spirit, rain or shine we will go out there and give our best shot! Oh when the STAR goes marching in...

Cikgu Zul - thanks for the support, it has been wonderful working with you.

Tuan Pengetua - semoga aspirasi cikgu menjadi kenyataan.

Last but not least, kepada STAROBA Committee Dato Hamzah, Dato Dr Awang, Abg Azlan, Saudara Syed Wazir, Saudara Anoiar, Saudara Tamunif dan committee yang lain, Fiver 86 Yazit Yeop Arbi, terima kasih atas support dan panduan anda semua.

Juga tak lupa kepada semua yang hadir dan REGISTER...

Over to you '89ers...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Thanks Sipot + Wind STAR - you guys nailed it

To me, they were superb last night. 2 thumbs up! And you better use broadband to see the clip... (it's about 20 MB dude!)

And now by class...





We honor house's rep...







Batch 88

Ni yang hadir dinner...


Teka! Yang baju biru kuat tu...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Change of Programme - STAROBA AGM Rescheduled

STAROBA AGM is being rescheduled to Saturday, 19th Jul 08, 3pm~5pm in the School Hall.

Clash of the Titans will start at 2pm~3pm on the same day and venue.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Unfolding the recession?

I think, and most people believe that the big "r" is just around the corner. I over heard people say the governor is ready to raise the interest rate...However I believe the governor doesnt think that way. She has been sticking to the rate for quite some time regardless of the situation, even when the US was cutting the rate, she kept the rate firm, and this time I believe she is not going to increase the rate. Why??? Because she had learned from 97 crisis to not to choke the economy when it is gasping for air!

I hope the governor can be more creative this time, forget about the oil price, dont just focus on the financial levers and switches, look at other things like how to contain the prices by neutralizing the demand by supplying enough to the market.How to channel the excess liquidity to higher return instruments without raising the rates, or conceptually how should we ease the demand bottleneck without raising the rates?

I believe there are many other mechanisms that can be used to ease the demand congestion that propel the price higher. In the US mainly, they prefer to tweak the rates lever simply because thats the only system that "they" control.But for us, there are many other things that we can do to cushion the freefall. Just like the oil price hike. Oil price shooting through the roof is not a problem to us, as we are making tonnes of money out of it. Our problem is that we dont have enough money for the development programs. That's why immediately after the subsidy restructuring, government announced an additional allocation of 30BilRM for the RMK9 initiatives.But is it wise eliminating the oil subsidy for the sake of growth as eliminating the subsidy itself is a huge drawback to the growth of the economy? The worst case is that even though we get back our RM625/Year, we have to pay more for other things. For instance the price of nasi ayam in my neighbourhood had been raised from 3.50 to 4.50, of course this one was the effect of compounding together with the rice price increase. So lets go back to the problem which was, the gov dont have enough money for development project! And the easiest way out was, take it from the subsidy!?

Why dont they think of a more adventurous move, like why dont we establish another petronas to double up the nation income so that we dont have to eliminate the subsidy or even why dont we set up another mof companies to dig out our minerals as commodity prices are exploding so that we dont have to eliminate the subsidy, or why dont we restructure the government operating costs so that we dont have to eliminate the subsidy, or why dont we raise a Sukuk or even initiating a PFI so that we can keep the subsidy or get a soft loan, which is very much better than raising the inflation rate for no reason! There are so many options out there that could be explored and saved our subsidy and spared us from this unnecessary inflation!!!

Hope the governor will think deep and wide this time, before she blunder unnecessarily!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

EURO 2008 Finale

A quote from Gary Lineker, "Football is an easy game. 22 men chasing 1 ball and in the end, Germany will always win". See how true this quote will end up tomorrow.

I've never been a Spain fan, because they look strong on paper but always fail to deliver. But looking at the way Fabregas penetrating the defend line with short passes through the middle, the trick often or traditionally deployed by the latins, exposed the secret of their winning streak.

But the Germans are strong tactically, they can revamp and execute their strategies efficiently, that's why they can pace-up their game whenever required.They can win against any team, as the manager will customize the prescriptions according to the problem. If they play double layer defend, with 5 in the middle, then they have a good chance of blocking the Spaniards from scoring. Else, Lineker might have to come up with a new quotations!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is it a jinx or a curse?

We (Mudin, Anbo, Mat, Pendekar, and I) had a 'ngeteh' session last night from 9.00 PM until 1.30 AM. So, I decided to stay up another few hours for the Holland - Russia match. My kid's PSP will keep me busy while waiting for the match to start.

Well, Portugal is out. The Croatians who beat a three 'star' team was stopped by the die hard Turks. The Dutch who thrashed other teams in its group level is at the best 8 only. Thanks to Guss Hiddink's russian roulette. It appears to me all group winners can't campaign any longer in this Euro 2008 edition. It is like a jinx or a curse of being the group winner. One more match to go Spain vs. Italy. Put on your bet, who will march on?

If it is Italy, then I see a lesson, you got to beaten to go further or you got to fall so you can bounce back higher...

Friday, June 20, 2008

Cenggini baru best....

Thanks Azam for your time. I really hope more of us can spend some time contributing their materials to this blog, as we have members from various background, residing in different region, culture, climate etc. It believe it would be nice if each of us could write something here.

Anyway, talking about the economy, I think its going to take sometime for the economy and especially the KLSE to go back into high gear. This is because the situation right now is not about the region, like the previous one, but something of a global scale, the inflation.Imagine people around the world losing their monies and all are being sucked into the middle east.The richer the middle eastern governments are, the more monies they can hand out to the hedge funds, and the more monies handed out to the hedge funds, the higher the petrol price is going to be.The higher the petrol price is going to be, the richer the middle eastern government will be and the cycle will start all over again and leaving us with less money!

The only opportunity to reverse the cycle around here is to make the speculator start making money by "shorting" the market. Then only we can have some breathing space. I hope the media could start playing the negative song about the global economy soon, so as to hint to the speculators to start selling and create a negative cycle.

One thing I can say about the government is that they are not creative and entrepreneural enough to take care and solve our problems. Obviously they are not leveraging sufficiently on our resources to combat the rice price hike, gasolene price hike etc. In short, they are not thinking enough.

Anyway AY, thanks for the material. Pendekarg, Ron, Kodiang, Pak Salih and others, please dont hesitate to publish your materials here. Just send them to me.


Confusion and uncertainty

Apologies for the lack of postings. As usual, work is still a priority so I couldnt write much. But there were plenty of stories to tell, most notably the fuel and electricity price increase and more political twist this week with the SAPP's no confidence on the PM saga.

The KLCI today closed 10 points higher at 1206 points. But that comes after a series of declines over concerns on inflation and political uncertainty. With the energy price adjustment, the market is worried that inflation might exceed 7% from its usual 2-3% range (from what I last recall), which could also lead to interest rate hike of between 25-75 basis points (from what brokers been telling me).

For an average guy on the street, all this means higher cost of living. Suddenly your take home pay is not worth that much any more. You may need to adjust your lifestyle and cut leisure spending, dining out etc. The low-income bracket might not see direct hit on their electricity bills, or will only see a small increase in petrol expenses on their motorbikes, but prices of other products are rising too because of the general increase in energy cost. So all in all everybody is affected, both direct and indirect way.

The political drama is not helping either. Foreign investors often ascribe a premium to political stability, though the exact premium amount is still debatable. With all the noises of political defection and power transfer, investors are likely to take the sideline and wait for things to unravel. Shorter term investors might even decide to sell first and worry later. Perhaps one might not see rampant selling by all of them, but clearly there's no reason to favor this market when there is political and social tension on the ground.

We're lucky in the odd sense that the rest of the world are also facing challenging times. So the impact on Malaysia is not isolated. China market, for example, has fallen over 40 percent ytd. But this makes their market no longer expensive when compared to Malaysia. US is still unravelling the sub-prime losses on its financial sector and now coming to feel the effect from the spiralling fuel cost. It is a worldwide phenomenon not unique to Malaysia.

I think it is going to be a while before we see market recovery. Right now there are so many theories on how the market will react. Any data releases can have double meaning. Even further increases in oil price can be seen as a positive sign that demand is still strong. Less than three months ago the US Fed was cutting rates, now there are talks of a rate hike soon. May be the market is confused. I know I am.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Anti Ghout Cocktail

Assalamualaikum friends.
Kepada kengkawan yang suffering from Ghout, please try this at home.
Kawan aku yang dah kena dan sembuh yang mengajarkan resepi ni...

Segenggam Ibu Kunyit
Segenggam Ubi Cekur
Segenggam Lempoyang

dibersihkan dan dibuang kulit.

1 Cawan Air Masak

Blenderkan semua ramuan di atas dan minum 1/3 resepi ini setiap kali, dan minum 3 kali seminggu,i.e Isnin, Rabu, Jumaat selama 3 bulan dan pantang makanan yang boleh trigger ghout seperti kekacang, daging, ayam, telur, tomato etc. dan banyakkan ulam, ikan dan banyak air kosong.

Semoga Allah taala menyembuhkan penyakit anda.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

orchestra vs band

I don't know the difference and anybody care to show or tell me the difference?

From wikipedia orchestra is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orchestra, and band is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Band_%28music%29?

Anyway, check these out. I personally think they are impressive. Playing instrument while doing the formation, it is awesome. You guys can search starwinds at youtube and get more clippings.



I recommend us to promote them and try to get them more opportunities and avenues to demonstrate their talent...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Enough about health, now the fever is on.


Traditionally I would be supporting Germany, but
looking the way the Dutch whacked the Italian, proved
that beside Germany, the Dutchmen are much more
leathal than any other team, at least for the time

The secret of a champion, just like MU, is to have a
revolver like goal blaster with a pair of hands that
can cover the goal mouth completely. Yes completely!
That is the different between MU as compare to
Liverpool, Arsenal or even Chelsea with Cech at the

And now Van Der Sar is at the goal against even Buffon
and Lehman. Cech's team is a little bit full of oldies
therefor the nearest contender perhaps Germany or
Greece.France look like a strong team, but, but, but,
I dont see the mighty pair of hands that can cover the
whole goal mouth there...

In attacking, the Dutch has Van Nistelrooy, Robben,
Snyjder, Kuyt and the have the luxury to keep Van
Persie reserved. What a line up! On paper, The Dutch
is the team to beat, but who knows, "Bola tu bulat!"
The Orange spirit!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

This one is from Survival of the sickest.

As usual, this article is from Mat. bekam vs beckham?

Remember in our kampong, old men used to do "bekam" to
release the so called dirty blood.I believe this
practice is a very old as agreed by the author as this
practice can be traced back to ancient Egyptian
civilization. This is an interesting phenomenon that
was later described by Sharon Moalem MD in his book.

As a young boy he was confused by his grandfather who
used to bleed to relief himself from some sort of pain
that was unexplainable in the 60s.So when he become a
doctor he studied about this so that he can treat his
grandfather. He found out that his grandfather was
suffering from Haemochromatosis, a rare phenomenon
where a person has too much iron in his blood stream.

He concluded that this syndrom is a genetical problem
based on the significant different in the number of
patient from people originated from the western part
of europe, but I doubt his sample size is global
as Asians also getting the same sort of problem. If I
were him I would subgroup it to Age (before drilling
down further) for the T- Tests.

The problem with iron overload is that, iron can
neutralize the effect of antibiotic thus exposing
ourselves to all sorts of external threats. For
instance if you are on antibiotics and at the same
time you are taking iron supplements, the risk of your
antibiotic becoming malfunction is very high as
microbes are feeding on iron to fight the antibiotic!
The same with cancer cells which also feeding on iron
to grow.

Going back to the solution, the act of bleeding
himself, was the natural solution as it will
immediately cut down the iron viscosity in the blood
thus relieving himself from external threat.This finding
proves to the author that ancient medical practices
worth to be explored for modern science to find more

Monday, May 19, 2008

Belated Futsal

Sorry geng, I forgot to upload the team. Simply because I didn't snap it. Let's see how good you guys to recall or recognize our peers...

We were semi-finalist without a trophy. He he he... Not bad for a team that played together once a year. World Cup champion pun kalah...

From left to right
Sitting: Pendekar, Jebat, Mudin, Mat, Long John, Kamal Latip.
Standing: Yusri Yusuf, Zulnurain, Nasrun, Amet, Izan.

Ever wonder why we prefer some food over another for no reason?

Another one from Mat...

Ever wonder why we prefer some food over another for
no reason? For me, naturally I will prefer fish over
poultry or meat, which I myself cant figure out the
rational explanation for that until 3 weeks ago when I
found a book in MPH about eating right based on your
blood type written by Peter D'Adamo.
This book describe about the foods suitable for us
based on our blood type as a remedy to a blood type
can be a poison to another. As for me, with A blood
type, fish is the best source of protein, as people
with A blood type is having less stomach acid for
digestion. Therefor poultry and meat are foods that
should be taken lesser if not to be avoided totally.
People with A blood type also tend to have this
indigestion problem due to low secretion of stomach
acid, the doctor recommended a king size breakfast and
a small dinner to overcome this problem. Among other
things recommended, people with A blood type also
should go for more softer protein source like soy
extracts e.g Nattou, Tempe(this one really shocked
me)etc. Have a good night sleep, make sure you already
in bed by 11pm so as to keep cortisol level low and
keep it consistent so as not to disturb the circadian
It is critical to keep the cortisol level low as A
blood type persons tend to be weak to allergy, perhaps
due to short of strong source of bovine antibody from
meat. Therefor intake of green vegetables for various
type of minerals could support this deficiency.
There is so much new finding in this book that can
help us and our family live a healthier life. I will
try to get more info posted to the blog for our benefit.

Friday, May 9, 2008

From Mat...

Jebat, put this on the blogspot.

I've been reading about Human Growth Hormone lately
due the deterioration of my health. I suspect my
cervical spondilosys, weight gain, sloppyness etc all
came from this hormonal problem.As we are aging or
becoming less active, normally once we cross the age
of 35 years old, our HGH secretion will become
lesser.Due to this, we start feeling the deterioration
in our manly function. I was wondering why at the
threshold of 30~35 the secretion dwindling
drastically? After some research I came to the
hypothesis that the secretion of the HGH by the
pituitary gland has a strong correlation with the
oxygen rate that we consume. In the practical
world,when we are active with our cardiovascular
exercises, our oxygen intake rate goes high and our
hypothalamus receive a signal that we are consuming a
lot of oxygen, a lot of cells, therefor we are in need
for new cells. With this signal, our hypothalamus that
controls our endocrine system, send a signal to the
pituitary gland to produce HGH so that new cells can
be produced.In this relationship, our body is reacting
to the needs of producing new cells, which is
triggered by the cardiovascular activities.On the
other hand, when we start becoming less active, with
low oxygen intake rate, the pituitary gland will get
less signal to produce the hgh thus our cell renewal
rate will be slower than the cell dying rate which
will result in us looking or growing older.So far I
dont have any statistical evidence to prove this, but
if you look at those people who are doing cardio
exercise as a routine, you will be shocked to see the
difference between these people of the same age but
with different exercise habit.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Old Town White Coffee...

Ni ada cerita dari kawan kita Remon...

what's up? aku ada experience nak relate & aku hope hang boleh letak
kat obw2008 site. ingat tak old town white coffe yg kita ronda guna navigator hang kat 3 2 square kat pj sec. 14? last 2 mths aku gi with wifey. nak recommend kopi kat kopitiam tu. sampai sana wife aku was-was pasal halal ke tak food kat situ. of course la aku shrug it off kan sebab dah minum kat situ & kat kelana mall. gave some indication tempat tu takkan la tak halal.

tapi wife aku nak jugak tanya. so, aku let her tanya. panggil waiter, wifey tanya twice & waiter tu insist they don't serve pork. wife aku irritated by that answer, aku pun dah mula get annoyed with the answer. 3rd time baru la dia admit tak halal.

so, aku tak tau whether kat branch 3 2 square tu je but gut feeling
aku rasa policy is a blanket one. biadab la depa tu. aku rasa semua branch pun probly cam tu. so, aku wish hang boleh announce kat sesapa yg selalu kunjung old town white coffe kat mana2 branch pun to assure whether the food served there is halal.

ni bukan cerita from others but from own experience. of course la aku pun belah from 3 2 square & gi makan tempat lain. will soon inform the islamic consumers association about this. attached is their logo kedai aku hope hang boleh post kat site so that people can recognise.