Thursday, January 22, 2009


Yes we got another thrashing last night. And the coach already got the excuse, only few players passed the fitness test! I thought the coach should be ensuring that all the selected players are fit enough to play??? Yes, the problem is "standard" and "mind set". FAM still has no idea of the standard expected from the team and the manager is still trying to runaway with all kind of excuses, instead of looking forward and critical of his own errors.

Well, thats the standard of people at FAM, just like what I've wrote last time, they just dont know what they are doing, taking us for a ride everytime we got thrashed! When sports management overseas are already applying scientific approach in human performance enhancement, like advance data system or even high speed visual system like the one used by Phelps, we still have no idea about the standard expected to catch the competitor, forget about over taking them!

Keep letting the feudal lords to manage sport organization!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Reconstructuring Gaza

Saudi made it clear that they are willing to put in US$1Bil for the reconstructuring. I wish to question on how the money is going to be utilized as that 1bil will be coming from Saudi alone. I hope they will focus on building strength, especially mentally rather than spending the money on houses etc, as investing in knowledge will further make other investments and expenses more value added.
I believe education can help them develop their country the way it helped us. Perhaps temporarily they need to be educated somewhere else rather than at home, as the echo of the blasts still vividly thumping the ears even in their dreams.Definitely we can do it, for instance even among this peer group, we have nuclear expert, financial wizards, medical specialists etc, needless to say about OIC.If they made it a program, then definitely Palestinians wouldnt be suffering in the next 15-20 years!

Make it a program rather than a one off pocket money disbursement so that at least you can get a generation of Palestinians who can make the Jews to think twice before they even think of another war! Somehow or rather I still hope Obama will bring about some change in the Middle East...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Words of wisdom...

"Confidence wouldnt come without humility"

Fabio Capello

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Show us your balls, Mr President!

Immediately before the election, National Security Agency pre-warned America of possible terrorist capitalizing on the transfer period vacuum of power. See what had happened in Mumbay and Gaza.
My suspect is Mossad in Mumbay and who else in Gaza! With Democratic Party is full of Zionists, Israel is really having a hell of a time, ushering into the new year.Previously when Republican Christians gripping the power, they used the Muslims to whack the Jews and suck out tonnes of oil money to finance their bankrupt businesses.

Obama has the opportunity to make a change here. So far he has been cowardly parroting whatever the lobbyist says, but I dont think a person with an Islam origin can live covering up such a horrible sin forever. Someday he might need to open up and correct what had been badly wronged. Someday he will get fed up concerning so much about what the terrorist Zionists might feel and get back to his sense of justice and peace.

It's time for America to make a change, and The Black President will turn to the bloody lobbyists and tell them, "It's my call! Stop telling me what to say!"

Hopefully that day will come very soon...