Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lucky this time...

With City gaining pace with Milner's urgency and Tevez working as hard and inspiring as ever, it was a little late for Liverpool to strike the iron. But bouncing back immediately with a relieving win over WBA bought some time for the YWNWAs to review what went wrong that lead to the sloppy win.

Hint no1, penetration was poor. Slowing down during a penetration is never a good option, in any manoevre! Very much like the Argentinians who usually slow down in a penetration, the symptom was clearly seen. And selling of Mascherano and perhaps Lucas would be a good idea. They just cant understand the pace required and it needs to be synchronized. This is where a tactical approach needs to be routined and synchronized so that penetration process can be executed with bursting speed.

Liverpool should learn from Nani and Ji Sung when it comes to penetration. Incision into the penalty box with lightning speed, that's what need to be done. Thats not difficult considering the kind of materials Liverpool has, Kuyt and Cole should be able to do that, just like how Kuyt did it for the goal Torres scored. Dont slow down during penetration, move forward into the penalty box and that dynamic will create a lot of space at the top of penalty box and with good finisher like Torres the chance of scoring a goal will easily be as high as 80%!

Master this trick and Liverpool will be higher up the table.

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