Wednesday, January 19, 2011

MSL is getting hotter!

With AFF trophy in the cabinet, I believe everybody is looking forward to a more exciting Malaysian Super League matches kicking off very soon. And Selangor is very optimist it can become the Malaysia Cup's champion this time, with 5 national players in the roaster.

But Selangors strength very much lies in its history, not in the current players. The stronger team next year should be Negeri Sembilan and Kedah. If T-Team and Terengganu combined into one team, then definitely there is where my bet will go, but as a separate entity, T-Team has the materials but Terengganu has the coach, so I believe T-Team will do a slightly better performance.

Top notch is for N9 and Kedah to rumble. N9 has the coach, materials and a better goalkeeper. Looks like they have covered all avenue to ensure they win titles this year. Whether they already prepared replacement for Ching Hong Aik and Idris Karim, two high work rate players who are already aging, will be the key question. Perhaps Wan Jamak should look to Daudsu as a replacement candidate. Kedah also has the materials, with good attacking, defenders as well as a very good goal keeper, but Ahmad Yusof is still trailing behind Wan Jamak and midfield need beefing up.

Kelantan the current champion, with a lot of new players definitely will have to struggle the learning curve for a few years. So perhaps they can fight for 4th or 5th place.

Another interesting point is finding new talents, young and old. Wish to see more talented Young Tigers making waves in the league. I still think MyTeam deserves another shot!

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