Thursday, September 16, 2010

Over staffed?

Continuing from what Benitez left, very much similar to his culture of buying lemons, now Hogdson is doing the same thing. Buying second tier players like Poulsen, Mario Gomez, Konchesky, Meireless and Jovanovic and nobody performs! They are cheap but you are not going to get the result.

Players like Gyan, Soarez and Sneijder who perfectly match Liverpool game plans are doing very well. Imagine if Soarez, Sneijder, Gyan playing along side Torres, Kuyt, Cole, Gerrard, Pacheco & Kelly. What a line up its going to be.

Liverpool still need to do a lot of cleaning up of players who dont match the game plans, like Lucas and of course the some of the newly bought players.

Unless Liverpool pace up their game, breaking the top four barrier is going to be impossible.

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