Monday, May 19, 2008

Belated Futsal

Sorry geng, I forgot to upload the team. Simply because I didn't snap it. Let's see how good you guys to recall or recognize our peers...

We were semi-finalist without a trophy. He he he... Not bad for a team that played together once a year. World Cup champion pun kalah...

From left to right
Sitting: Pendekar, Jebat, Mudin, Mat, Long John, Kamal Latip.
Standing: Yusri Yusuf, Zulnurain, Nasrun, Amet, Izan.

Ever wonder why we prefer some food over another for no reason?

Another one from Mat...

Ever wonder why we prefer some food over another for
no reason? For me, naturally I will prefer fish over
poultry or meat, which I myself cant figure out the
rational explanation for that until 3 weeks ago when I
found a book in MPH about eating right based on your
blood type written by Peter D'Adamo.
This book describe about the foods suitable for us
based on our blood type as a remedy to a blood type
can be a poison to another. As for me, with A blood
type, fish is the best source of protein, as people
with A blood type is having less stomach acid for
digestion. Therefor poultry and meat are foods that
should be taken lesser if not to be avoided totally.
People with A blood type also tend to have this
indigestion problem due to low secretion of stomach
acid, the doctor recommended a king size breakfast and
a small dinner to overcome this problem. Among other
things recommended, people with A blood type also
should go for more softer protein source like soy
extracts e.g Nattou, Tempe(this one really shocked
me)etc. Have a good night sleep, make sure you already
in bed by 11pm so as to keep cortisol level low and
keep it consistent so as not to disturb the circadian
It is critical to keep the cortisol level low as A
blood type persons tend to be weak to allergy, perhaps
due to short of strong source of bovine antibody from
meat. Therefor intake of green vegetables for various
type of minerals could support this deficiency.
There is so much new finding in this book that can
help us and our family live a healthier life. I will
try to get more info posted to the blog for our benefit.

Friday, May 9, 2008

From Mat...

Jebat, put this on the blogspot.

I've been reading about Human Growth Hormone lately
due the deterioration of my health. I suspect my
cervical spondilosys, weight gain, sloppyness etc all
came from this hormonal problem.As we are aging or
becoming less active, normally once we cross the age
of 35 years old, our HGH secretion will become
lesser.Due to this, we start feeling the deterioration
in our manly function. I was wondering why at the
threshold of 30~35 the secretion dwindling
drastically? After some research I came to the
hypothesis that the secretion of the HGH by the
pituitary gland has a strong correlation with the
oxygen rate that we consume. In the practical
world,when we are active with our cardiovascular
exercises, our oxygen intake rate goes high and our
hypothalamus receive a signal that we are consuming a
lot of oxygen, a lot of cells, therefor we are in need
for new cells. With this signal, our hypothalamus that
controls our endocrine system, send a signal to the
pituitary gland to produce HGH so that new cells can
be produced.In this relationship, our body is reacting
to the needs of producing new cells, which is
triggered by the cardiovascular activities.On the
other hand, when we start becoming less active, with
low oxygen intake rate, the pituitary gland will get
less signal to produce the hgh thus our cell renewal
rate will be slower than the cell dying rate which
will result in us looking or growing older.So far I
dont have any statistical evidence to prove this, but
if you look at those people who are doing cardio
exercise as a routine, you will be shocked to see the
difference between these people of the same age but
with different exercise habit.